February 05, 2004


So if I want a job working in the office of a hypno-therapist, i can have it.

Hehehe... now it's work, and even though i'm not the biggest subscriber to hypnosis, not that i disbelieve or believe... just... weary of it...

anyway, even though that, still, it's a paycheck. Sad thing is it starts at $9.00 an hour. Good things: the lady said that there is plenty of room for advancement in pay, and i'd be working on a sort of start up business... it's more in its growing period now, and has been around for years, but still. How amazing is that?

Basically that means, I can garner support and all that, while being in a clinical setting. Meh... I don't know, it's work... but i still wanted to hear from the SCCA place that I applied, but they never got back to me.

That kinda pisses me off, because they said they would. How hurtful.

Anyway, remember kiddies, don't go to the forums. FORUMS ARE EVIL!

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