February 09, 2004


Here's a question for all of you:

Why do people smell?

Seriously. And more importantly, why do these smelly people sit around me? Why? It makes no sense to me why i seem to be a magnet for them.. but apparently i am...

its strange, because smelly people have a distinctive smell... it isn't like various smells... there is usually one of a small set of smells...

for example, the wet-dog smell... which is just wonderful... that's what i sat next to today... I was sitting there on the bus, and this lady stands next to me and just stays there... leaving me wishing for death. DEATH.

I think i'm being too harsh about all of this actually. And i do feel somewhat bad for the smelly people, i really do... If i could help them i would. Some people smell and they can't help it. Genetics. You would have thought that nasty smells would have been done away with evolutionarily speaking, but maybe there is some sort of survival value in it.

Who knows.

I lost what i was going with for all of that, so I'm going now. I hate typing when I haven't cut my nails. It bothers me.

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