August 12, 2003


Posting about the ongoing War to take California takes a lot out of a person, and takes a lot of time...

So i thought i'd take a breather from that and say...

I HATE THE NEW VERN FONK INSURANCE COMMERCIAL... it's just another rip-off of the Sopranos... only this time it features, at the end, a fat man without his shirt running after escaping from the back of their trunk... WTF? Bah! I hate you Vern Fonk... I bet your californian.

If i wanted to see a shirtless fat man run, i'd unleash jOe and chase him with one of those electrified cattle-prod while yelling out, "Moooo!!!!"... but do I? No. Why? Probably because I DONT want to see a shirtless fat man run. (Well i suppose it's also because I don't have an electrified cattle-prod...)

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