August 10, 2003

ok, ive not had anyone come and tell me that my "Aim Extravaganza" is boring, worthless, or annoying yet. So I'll let you in on a third chapter - but this one will need some 'introduction'

A long long time ago I had logged onto MSN and someone came out of the blue to IM me. Now I dont know what it is with me - but everyone seems to confuse me with someone else. Usually I pick up on this pretty quick : and play along.

Usually they eventually find me out and move along. However, sometimes they never catch on. Case-in-point : is the following girl. I've maintained this girl for close to a year. and She still is oblivious.

Anywho. Here you go.


Session Start Sat Oct 12 17:04:56 2002
*** NOTE: Your status is currently set to Away.

Caenum: hey. who are you ( ? )
GIRL :: i meat u on ink link dident i
GIRL :: ???
Caenum: I havent the slightest.
GIRL :: do u go on ink link???
Caenum: I dont know if I do or not
GIRL :: do u go on ink link??
Caenum: URL ?
GIRL :: what?
Caenum: this ' ink link ' deal, has a website ( url ) yes ?
GIRL :: just wait
GIRL :: i asked u a questoin it was do u go on ink link ??????
Caenum: not that I know of - hence : I ask for a URL - being there could be a chance that yes - and I just dont remember.
GIRL :: i dont no what ur talking bout man?
Caenum: ( cries )
Session Close Sat Oct 12 17:27:02 2002

*** NOTE: Your status is currently set to Away.
Mon Nov 25 21:22:03 2002

GIRL : hey

*** Auto-response sent to GIRL : Grand


Caenum: hello . . .
GIRL : wassup?
GIRL : wot the hell was that?
Caenum: was .. what
GIRL : Caenum says:


Caenum: ah, an away messege.
GIRL : ooooooooooook then
Caenum: I still dont know who you are O_o
GIRL : Mustafa]
Caenum: Mufasa?
GIRL : mustafa
Caenum: < no comprende
GIRL : wot
Caenum: ( dies )
GIRL : ha
GIRL : ?????????????????????
Caenum: O_o
GIRL : wot the?
Caenum: cheese + crackers
GIRL : what about it?
Caenum: = yum
GIRL : ok
Caenum: you bet
GIRL : oooooooooook
GIRL : :$
GIRL : do ya have a mobile?
GIRL : ??????????
Caenum: a cell phone?
Caenum: yes.
GIRL : cell?????
Caenum: mobil phone, cell phone, same difference.
GIRL : kz
Session Close Fri Nov 29 20:14:15 2002

Session Start Tue Mar 04 17:20:12 2003
GIRL : hey
GIRL : r u sick
GIRL : ???
Caenum: no, why.
GIRL : why arnt u at skool
GIRL : ?
Caenum: umm
GIRL : yeah
GIRL : ???
GIRL : u waged?
Caenum: went around with an old friend.
GIRL : so u 2 waged
GIRL : ??
Caenum: yeh
Caenum: whot'd I miss?
GIRL : ohh
GIRL : i dont go to ur skool i am in
GIRL : year 6
GIRL : well grade 6
GIRL : wot skool do u go to?
Caenum: didnt I tell u alredy?
GIRL : no
Session Close Tue Mar 04 17:27:09 2003

Session Start Fri Jul 18 21:23:04 2003
GIRL : hey
Caenum: you know me, im betting, and if you do - you know my memory is nil, and that i do not know who you are : correct?
GIRL : u dont mke any sence mister
Caenum: ah, i guess not.
Caenum: so then who are you? and i rarely make sense.
GIRL : sammy carr n u?
Caenum: that, howerver, made no sense or i didnt understand it - repeat?
GIRL : my name is SAMMY CARR!!!
GIRL : wat is ur name?
Caenum: ah.
GIRL : ?
Caenum: I go by Markus.
GIRL : kewl
GIRL : markus hoo?
GIRL : ?
GIRL : \coz i know a markuz
Caenum: not markuz. markus. and we dont know eachother.
Caenum: how is it you've happened upon me then?
GIRL : fine den bossy but
Caenum: umm.
GIRL : lol
GIRL : u seem like a spunk
Caenum: a spunk is ?
GIRL : is wot??
Caenum: yes, what is it.
GIRL : a cute personality
GIRL : and seem really nce
GIRL : nice**
GIRL : g2g baii
Session Close Fri Jul 18 21:51:46 2003

Session Start Sun Jul 20 04:09:32 2003
GIRL : hey
GIRL : sup?
GIRL : hello ya there/
Caenum: am now
GIRL : kewl
Caenum: if you say so.
Caenum: isnt it late for you?
GIRL : nope
Session Close Sun Jul 20 04:35:36 2003

Session Start Mon Jul 21 00:07:59 2003
GIRL : hey
GIRL : sup?
Caenum: nothing.
GIRL : kewl
GIRL : so....
GIRL : wot ya been ^2 latly?
Caenum: driving around aimlessly - playing video games - and soon to be drinkin a lot of alcohol.
GIRL : lolz
GIRL : lolz
GIRL : lolz
Caenum: yourself?
GIRL : not 2 much
Caenum: well that wasnt very descriptive at all.
GIRL : lolz
GIRL : ok then
GIRL : i watch t.v and went to skool and went on msn
GIRL : happy
GIRL : ?
GIRL : ?
Caenum: sounds boring.
Caenum: at least mine is boring too - but its got alcohol.
GIRL : lolz
Session Close Mon Jul 21 00:16:38 2003

Session Start Wed Aug 06 03:37:43 2003
GIRL : hey
Caenum: yo
GIRL : yo yo yo
GIRL : yo yo yo dues sup?
GIRL : yo yo yo dued its Ally here wassup?
GIRL : ya there
GIRL : ?
GIRL : /
GIRL : /
Caenum: yeh
GIRL : yo yo yo its Ally here WASSUP?
GIRL : good
GIRL : u?
Caenum: I been trippin mad but its all good.
GIRL : kewl dued
GIRL : so.. wot ya been up 2 mate
GIRL : ?
Caenum: nothin much, you know, the usual.
GIRL : kewl
GIRL : same here
GIRL : sozzy
GIRL : but i have to go now
GIRL : litle bro
Caenum: l8yr
GIRL : baiiiiiiiiiiii
Session Close Wed Aug 06 03:48:07 2003

the fuck?

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