August 10, 2003

Im sitting down. I've lost my cell phone. Things kind of suck.
And then I get the following text messege.

bludcrimson: hey I was wondering if you could help me out

thus begain...


bludcrimson: hey I was wondering if you could help me out
bludcrimson: do you know anyone who could hook up some grass?
bludcrimson: I am so serious
caenum: this time of year? green or gold. because if you're looking for green - that'll be some expensive shit. most of it dries out by now.
bludcrimson: WOW you do know you're shit...THANK YOU!
bludcrimson: I have been looking for over an hour
bludcrimson: I just need a 20
bludcrimson: of some shit that gets you stoned
caenum: usually we deal in square feet.
caenum: and you'll have to talk to the landscaping department about stones.
bludcrimson: gawd damn hoss.
bludcrimson: just a 20 need to landscape
caenum: well i dont see what use twenty square feet will do. unless you're going to make a placemat with real grass or have a really small yard.
bludcrimson: whateva dip.
caenum: artificial ponds and lakes? I dont know much about those.
bludcrimson: no need to be a cocksucking fuck nut. I was just asking a simple question.
caenum: (talk to me on AIM, name notmud)
bludcrimson: naw fuck it. plus I dont have AOL and I 'm not about to download it just to be mindfucked
caenum: Yahoo admins monitor private and public chats for ... ah hem, the sort of grass you're talking about.
bludcrimson: and you think AOL doesnt?
bludcrimson: is there a yahoo chat you could go into?
caenum: You can download AIM hacks which prevent their I.P. screens to traceroute your chatlogs to them. You cannot with Yahoo.
caenum: as long as one of us has it - it works. I do.
caenum: always have to cover your ass online.
bludcrimson: hold
bludcrimson: is this worth my time?
caenum: this is good shit.

you can check out his UBAR LEET PROFILE here. I figured it was a distant cousin of Jeff (read: makahanaloa)

Do me a favor and make up new screen-names on YAHOO MESSENGER and talk to this guy.
Give him a good run for his money.

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