August 20, 2003


thats right.
deconstruction. finally someone is listening to me. what are you talking about son? pep rallies? jesus chroist it looks like everyone is coming out of the woodwork, and what the fuck is this shit about jimmoi writing haikus? of all the bloody poetry he has to get into, he writes haikus? you fuckin' homo - go suck a fuck or something.

by suck a fuck i mean " go suck a fuck " - I hope that comes through the translation well. I tried to translate 'zacho' from french into english and it came out "THERE IS NO ZACH STREET" - and so I shot the frenhman who translated it for me, but I didnt pay him. TEN PER NOTCH ( NEW NOTCH ) HE SAID. I SAID HE COULD ROT WITH SAINT PETER. YOU HEARD THE BITCH. NOW HERE IS MY HAIKU THAT I WROTE A LONG TIME AGO TO MAKE FUN OF HAIKUS. OH SHIT WHAT IS WITH THE CAPSLOCK ITS LOCKED. HAHAHA. GET IT. CAPSLOCKED. FUCK YOU.

nitrous oxide
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha

hey i fixed my capslock button. seems all i had to do i push it down. oh shit. what the hell is going on now. it wont capitalize anything. fuck! james! the president of the united states of america! shit shit shit, nothing is coming out with big letters! not even names! tza! oh my god! somebody come fix my keyboard it is freaking out! maybe someone has haxored my computer!



where is my lollypop?

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