August 08, 2003

Man o man. End of session today. Everyone left, except a few staff, myself included.

Said goodbye to my classmates and other newfound friends. The four Swedish women went their ways. Two back to Stockholm. Two are staying in Seattle for a couple days, then going home to Denmark (Copenhagen).

I'm not very good at farewells. Get all emotional and shit. Being tired and run down certainly doesn't help. Another night's sleep in my own bed tomorrow will be nice.

I met and formed friendships with a lot of really amazing people. The secluded campus and relatively tight quarters help. 120 people may seem like a lot, but I knew every one of them at least by sight.

I'll be doing some traveling next summer, in addition to spending as much time here as I can. Time to get out and see the world a little. They tell me Stockholm is lovely this time of year. Judging by how great the people are, I don't think I'll give a shit what the town is like.

I'm not sure if I'll survive another two weeks, but not being a student should help. Things will be a little easier as the librarian.

A tip to you all: never attempt to drink a Swede under the table. Even if she only weighs 43 kilos soaking wet, you won't win. Fucking A.

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