August 29, 2003

So just recently.... I lost my job... and through shitloads of effort, and the fact that my manager likes me and doesn't want to have to train someone else to do my job.. I was able to get the termination of my contract reduced to a period of probation...

For those of you who don't know, I deliver newspapers... a lot of them. It's good money for the little time I have to spend, I don't have to wake up til noon, It's very flexible and I like it. This whole thing happened because 1 guy was pissed off at me, and went and talked to the publisher. His claims were that I discriminate against disabled people, because when he called me up and started threatening me and making demands that I provide extra service for his mother and law or he was going to "raise hell."

I basicly told him to go fuck himself, and the next day when I went into the office my manager handed me a letter than said simple. "according to your contract either party can cancel it for any reason, and we are, you have til the end off september."

Now that it has been reduced to a probation, I'm not so worried.. but still my name has been soiled. Me moving some old woman's box across the road next to her mailbox like everyone else's is NOT enough to get me canned. The phone call from tuesday was a good snapshot of his attitude and intentions, and based on that I think he went to the publisher and told a bunch of fucking lies....

So now... here I am... in a really shitty volatile position because of this miserable little fuck. I knew who he was long before all this crap happened. He's in his late 40's and paints houses and wipes disabled/old people's asses for the state. He was studying to be a nurse, but quit because it was "too hard." All in all, a total pussy... and a complete moron.

Now... the question I pose to the board is this.... How far is too far when it comes to revenge? When he was tracked down in person he said that with my attitude about the disabled he didn't care if I lost my job. He has no remorse...

So what do I do now? Well.. lots of things... I'm looking for some creative suggestions that would be a fitting retaliation for getting me fired.

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