August 02, 2003

So, fuck. I leave for two fucking weeks and you people can't hold together a fucking coherent board?

Anyway, I'm back for one night. I leave again in the morning. Fuck this place. Coming home to the same boring old fucking bullshit house is driving me nuts. And I've only been here since 3 this afternoon.

Pilchuck fucking rocks. Can't wait to go back to my tiny fucking room (with roommate). Back to the crazy long nights, working with glass until 2 am, five hours of sleep and do it again. Back to "the hill." Back to the shops. Back to all the fucking amazing artists and craftspeople. Back to the four Swedish women. Away from the world that contains work, my boss being pissed, and everything else I never wanted.

Pissed because, my class ends Friday, at which point I was supposed to return to work and do the same old mind numbing bullshit as every other Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. Fuck that. Out of the blue, they gave me a job at Pilchuck. It's a "volunteer" position. I get room and board, in exchange for work. I get a cabin to myself. I get blow time in the main hotshop with the fucking amazing gaffers on Sundays. But only through the end of August. Actually, only till the 25th.

Fuck it, I don't care.

Had to call the boss to "ask" for the time. I didn't mention the position they offered me was unpaid. They probably figured I'd just quit if they didn't give me the time. I would have, just not right away. Everything falls out right, I still will.

Fuck it, I don't care.

I think now I've found what it is I'll do.

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