August 31, 2003

first of all.

I'd like to say that dialup is a boswanian whore's worst nightmare.
it is like being gangbanged by six mexicans who all ate spicy burritos and have bad gas and being forced to give each and every single one of them rim jobs while they attempt to foot out the alphabet with their flatulence.


secondly, my paypal account 'went under' so to speak - it seems that the donations ( 10$ total, 2 incriments of 5$ from bradbury ) had to be 'accepted' - so they took the payment ( 25$ ) out of my bank account, which then put that under, and washington mutual decided to tag an extra 22$ onto that. those fuckers. In any event - Im looking at rehosting the website to (apisnetworks mostly because I can get a discount for being a SA goon. It should cost about 5$ a month - I already have a pretty crazy neat idea for something with that. In any event.

The "domain" for this might run out soon, and Im not going to shell out the $$$ for keeping it alive ( mind you, for those who are panicing, AHAHAH, it isnt to say the website itself will be down. I shall explain :

Domain is ( - ie : what you type in to get to the website
Webhost is where the files (txt, pictures, data) is kept

So its like like changing the title of a book - but keeping the book intact. )

with signing up with these people, with the discount they offer domain registration for free.
the question is : anyone have any suggestions as to a website URL?

it has already been suggested

from the quote with the girl " Im just trippin man its all good "
anyone else have any ideas?

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