August 29, 2003

hhmm... Well I read through the better portion of the americans with disabilities act, and most all of it is refering to Employers discriminating against the disabled applicants who want a job. Personally, I think this sort of legislation is bullshit. I should be able to hire whomever I want to work at my company. If I want to start a fast food chain and hire only large breasted women in wife beaters, I think I should be able to do that.

I completely agree that there should be wheelchair ramps at the post office, and at any government institution. That's a good thing, and if companies decide to add extra facilities to accomodate the disabled, hey..that's awesome. What I have a problem with is the attitude of entitlement coming from those who are supposedly disabled. The attitude is a persistent, "I'm disabled so you HAVE to do this for me."

About a month ago I walked into the bathroom at the local community college, and some guy with his left arm crumpled against his side asked me to help him button his pants. I looked him straight in the eye and told him "NO." He asked me again and again, adn I told him that I wouldn't help him again and again... he got pissed off and asked why I wouldn't help him, and I told him I wasn't comfortable touching his pants. What the hell kind of attitude is that? I can only use one arm, so button my pants for me... FUCK YOU BUDDY...

For all I know, he would ask me to help and then turn around and claimed I felt him up or something, and try to sue me. It's much safer to just not get involved. You know what? He could have bought pants with vel-cro... come on.. If *I* was handicapped, I mean handi-capable.. I would figure out how not to be dependent on others... I wouldn't want to be dependent on others if it was possible.

Oh, and the woman who was supposedly disabled in the whole losing my job scenario.. I recall seeing her come out of the house very fast when I was doing power slides in her driveway a few weeks ago...

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