August 21, 2003


If there is one thing you NEVER do on the board it's ask a question like how exactly do you "suck a fuck" because if you've been around long enough... you know one of a few possible outcomes are likely:

a) James will say "TZA!", find a hobo sit in front of him eating a cheeseburger, then pay the man $100 dollars for watching him eat the cheeseburger

b) claim that the Big Bang was all apart of his grand creation within the matrix of the Truman Show...


c) explain and diagram how one goes about "sucking a fuck" - and believe me, you'll only end up even more confused, as more than likely james will use this as an opportunity to post against me... and i assure you that sucking a fuck will more than likely either

a) involve myself, zacho, or jimmoi and a goat, bear, weasel, river-otter, or shorebird and some deviant sexual act

b) involve himself and one of his hot bitches


c) "TZA!"

You're only inviting the already invited.

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