August 27, 2003


Jimmy called me while i was on the bus today.

Always the slacker that guy...
so we were talking...

and constantly, constantly interrupted by the bus-driver...

who was pointing out things along side the road...


Now let me explain why this is such an annoyance.

First there is the voice. He sounded like a robot. A black-man, black-bus driving robot. Even jimmoi thought so. Actually he thought our bus driver was an ewok... but that's just cause jimmoi's in alaska, and cause marriage is drivin' him insane.

Secondly... the bus driver's route is through ranier ave, through suburbia Seattle.

That's right... SUBURBIA SEATTLE.

Yet, with every stop it was, {in metallic voice} "... and over here there is the {gasp} the Post Office {hearty robotic laugh}... and two your left is the swimming pool... fo' schnizzle yo, this is route 48 on the west side {more hearty laughter}"

... and yes, before you ask... he did say fo' schnizzle and he did say west side.

Yet another reason why i hate Metro.

I betcha he was Californian.

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