May 07, 2003

so Andy logs onto AIM.

now I dont know about you all - but even though he and i havent spoken to eachother in a good year or two - i still get kicks outta this guy.
from what i hear through the grapevine he's been swooning over another californian internet girl.
she's seventeen. or sixteen. or eighteen - reguardless, in her teens.

so I go to look at his user-info and lo+behold, something was amiss.
Here is what I got :

What the hell you lookin at ? o_O -

I was almost dissapointed, nothing to laugh at!
So I checked the user-info of his " super secret screen name "
and got this :

I'm not good enough.

- woe, i said to myself.
maybe he finally hit the realization that when someone is a good number of states away,
that talking to someone else on a phone or chatting with them online - cannot compare to actual physical contact.
long distance relationships are doomed to fail, reguardless of how much people care for eachother.

I thought it was funny.
I got to thinking about him today at work and thought to myself :
He'd be making more money over there on the corrugator than I am right now.

Someone should tell him about " the big shibang " and tell him he's invited.
he wont come.

still. its the thought that counts.

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