May 03, 2003

I spaced on Bandit. The goblin truck and Christine can eat my asshole with a soup spoon. Just more examples of shitty retellings of Steven King books.

Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. I almost gave it an honorable mention. Even went so far as to find a picture. Decided in the end that, although it is and Ian Fleming creation, it's just too gaudy. In it's defense the movie featured an actor that we all know and love. This actor has defined the theater experience of childhood for many. Yes, none other than the great Gert Fröbe.

You all remember him as Auric Goldfinger. But I'll never forget him as the delightful Wilhelm Blore in the 1974 telling of the Agatha Christie classic "And Then There Were None."

Yes, Indeed.

The Griswoldmobile. Got to love it. One of the funniest movies of all time.

'Nuff said. [<-click]

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