May 07, 2003


Ah, the inherent problem with the internet... you think you have something different or unique, and you have immediate access to something that will prove you wrong. Go fig.

Labyrinth... unnngh... an afront to humanity. I wept for humanity, actually, when i first saw that movie... then i cursed the directors...

i imagine that the devil has taken their empty souls and is currently using them as the sex toys for his demonly minions...

(i don't get out much.)

Zach-o, you must come out here, it'll be good and fun, and I will NEED something to distract myself that weekend. Finals and such will be shortly coming thereafter and i need a moment of fun before i'm forced to grow up and leave these hallowed halls of academia.

I was talking to my friend Tiff, and i said, "You know, next time i go out with someone, she has to be smart... not book smart necessarily, but just... worldly... yeah, that'd be a nice change of pace... and she has to be able to hold conversation..." (not that my ex couldn't... but it's definitely a requirement for the future)...

to which i then added, "i suppose i'm in the right place"

she casually said, "yeah, guess so..."

which in turn made me think more on it, because it was one of those responses that says, "actually i doubt so..."

and then my memory turned up Crystal. Do you all remember my rants about her? Let me refresh your memories: "Robots existed during the industrial revolution and it was a glorious time for the children, where everybody got richer and nobody really suffered."


-- and there is my rant for today. Au revoir.

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