September 24, 2002

I love Courtney's music--even if it's not that good, I still love the hell outta it.
and I like seeing her on the telly-- doing interviews, just talking.
i mean even if I don't agree with her 100%, I just like seeing her there.

With that said, I think she's an insane bitch.
There's a stage Courtney and there's the real Courtney. I am able to separate the two. It's just so much easier that way.

I hope that made sense..

Finally, Nirvana's my favorite band.
"In Utero" is my favorite album.
"Drain You" is my favorite song.
I love em.
BUT I'm cool with the fact that not everyone else will even like em.
as long as their reason isn't cuz "Nirvana sucks" cuz that's just... gay
and I know that it makes me look bad for being a huge Nirvana fan and liking Courtney.. but I explained my reasoning above and it's just how I feel.

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