September 17, 2002

FV-- good point with the first comment. but I did want you guys to comment on the book. I also like to make a point of arguing for the less popular viewpoint, especially when I agree with either side. I personally don't see what's wrong with being the corporate drone as opposed to being a bartender, but apparently some people do. and I definitely wouldn't call them ignorant if that was what they wanted. They were saving money to get a job they did want-- opening some type of hotel. they did that at the end of the book.....
My whole point of posting about the book was to say I felt ripped off by the awful ending. I thought maybe someone on the board had read that book and could offer some insight that would make me have a better opinion of it. Or just simply agree with me. I didn't realize it'd be an analysis on what jobs these 20-somethings should get.

a "scene" and a fanbase are quite different though. I don't get in on the scene action

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