September 17, 2002

ah, I support capitalism. I'm nothing like the main characters in the book. I do like reading about them though. And I was rather irked by the lame ending.
The entire book was symbolic. Their "McJobs" were bartending and at a department store. They are jobs that lead to them going nowhere in life. The reason they worked there-- as to not become corporate drones. You'd just have to read the book to understand it more fully I suppose. I can't explain it really well because my ideals do not match with these people.
The ending was symbolic to the point of being cliche, unexciting, and didn't really match up with the rest of the book (it was too optimistic, it just didn't fit at all). "McJobs" fit in with everything else. They had definitions defining everything...

Steve-- It was brought up cuz of my comments on a girl from my highschool. I do constantly talk about music but I would go as far to say that the majority of my music isn't teenybopperish. There is no scene surrounding it. No fashion for it. and I don't listen to music for any trendy reasons nor do I listen to it to get "away" from the trends.

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