September 30, 2002

damn zach and his "i hate this.." post. because I was planning on including "I hate this.." on my post, oh well I'll continue nonetheless.

1. I helped my mom pick out 3 christmas gifts for me today: the new Ryan Adams and two old 'Mats albums that I have been searching forever for (I chronicled this in here awhile back... to refresh your memories: Best Buy refused to carry these albums in Washington stores for some damn reason... so ya I found the cd's at the FYE).
2. I literally got 0 hours of sleep last night. I got all philosophical or something.. I don't know.. all that damned thinking kept me up. I was analyzing the whole inevitableness of lonliness. how I have like NO girl friends (who live in this state). and how to scam out of doing a Health class.
3. I hate livejournal now more than the first time my friends told me to make a journal. Something about the communities I read last night. and some other reasons, such as: i don't like it. Kim will murder me if I delete it.
4. "New" Nirvana soon. yay
5. Speaking of the whole thing, I'm dissatisfied/hating the internet too for the same basic reasons as LJ. but I'm on now cuz of KIM. so ya, she best be happy (oh and apparently by the greeting she gave me: she was).

EDIT: I think I sound lesbianish in this post..

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