September 30, 2002

The Further Adventures of a Particular Midget

As with all dying questions... one does not simply give up the search for an answer after stumbling into a wall...

Such is the case with our friendly travelers... who find themselves today traveling into a country with a peculiar rock formation. I am not allowed to say the name of this country... for if i did, they might wage war on me for saying that nekkid men with dogs in their lap often find habits laying on their rock formations...

...which just wouldn't be right.

So anyway:

As always, it is the search for knowledge and truth that drives our weary friends... but what is this... does this man possess the answer to that which our friends seek out??

Is it true... could perhaps... all this time... there answer lay in the mind of our very own friend... the creator of this here magnificent board... James Collins, himself...

...Perhaps another time, for he seems... preoccupied.

The gloves are off Collins... the gloves are off.
{ I've fixed your post Mr. Paulino, I've fixed your post }

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