September 23, 2002

Bitch - the directory still even had the .rar files downloaded which were needed to unpack the game ( worms )
and Worms world party was the one that I pirated ( oh so long ago )
although I vaguely remember you saying you pirated a copy yourself, which compelled me to get it as well.

still - unless you save the old .rar files ...
you got it from me :b

I dont know anyone else who saves the old unpack-files.

OH -
what was with dumping me with " the new guy " ?
ok - dont get me wrong, being as I have nothing against him - but he just seems ... ah ... whats the word.
I dont know the word yet - but I just ... dont like him : not that I avidly dislike him - but there doesnt seem to be...
" empty " was the word I used to describe breanna - and it is something like that.

You'd have to take the emptiness of breanna and the chameleon-like skills of andy - combine them and you get " the new guy "
He'd just sit there quietly while everyone was yammering on chatting and then once and a while say something that was either absolute bullshit and you could tell - or just ... well, uninteresting. He was, however, a good place-holder. Someone good to tag-a-long when you need a spot to fill, but for chroist sakes man you left him at my house. I dont even know the guy - I was so paranoid. CHROIST. I wanted to call you up and yell at you and say : " YOU SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT HIM HOME WITH YOOOOOU! " - I locked my door ( well I always lock my door ) when I went to sleep that morning, and had I found my key to my room - would have locked it when I woke up later that evening when he was still there.

" Hey James me and Mike just killed off that skeleton and ogre all by ourselves!!!!! " - he exclaimed to me.
Well no shit sherlock. We had a lvl 1 warrior ( dave ) - lvl 4 wiz - lvl 4 rogue - lvl 4 ranger.
oh wait - now you get a lvl 4 ranger and a lvl 4 cleric ( if michael even used his new character, in which case he didnt, subsitite lvl 7-9 in stead of 4 ) and OF COURSE they're going to rip through that mod. oh my jesus I wanted to throw something at him.



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