September 23, 2003

[Room For Rent]

Finding a roommate is hard...
especially finding the right one...

especially finding one of the female persuasion.

Bah! I've gone through two potential roommates, both having problems keeping them from moving in.

Double bah.
But I think I'll be interviewing someone today who will definitely move in.

I think of this roommate thing because of what I have seen happen between another set of roommates, though I will mention no names.

See, the trick is... if you want to remain good good friends with someone, you avoid being roommates with them, unless you are POSITIVE that their inherent personality structures won't clash with yours. And who really is ever that positive.

The other trick, of course, is to have plenty of space available between the lot of you.

Oh well, that's all I had to say, because it's Tuesday at 1 and I don't have my post ready, [I won't go into it], and yeah...


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