September 07, 2003

[Every year]

So another year, another set of teacher strikes. I still remember last year when this came up as an issue... and the year before that...

I think this has been an issue since I was a junior in high school, maybe even before that.

I imagine that it will be this way until the economy picks up...

still though, it's a frustration... i can think of dozens of people i know that have said they would be teachers if only they would pay enough such to actually make a decent life for themselves.

in other less important news...

Demolition Man.


I had forgotten just how incredibly terrible this movie was... and then i saw it the other day.

I'm shocked that this and Speed were Sandra Bullock's career-founding movies.

I'm also shocked that there take on the future had Taco Bell being the only restaurant in the future. Taco Bell? I wonder how much Taco Bell spent funding this movie. Why didn't they just call the city Taco-angeles?

I hate you Stallone... but i'd never tell you that to your face cause you could prolly rip my arms off with but a thought.

But oh so do i hate you.

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