September 08, 2003

I never said nobody should be a teacher, I only said being a teacher is a shitty job. That, is a verifiable fact. Multiple know-it-all parents on your ass, other parents pissed because of their kid's bad grades. The school board able to overule your authority if someone bitches and moans loud enough. All while your salary isn't too far above the poverty line.

Do we need teachers? Yes...

Am I wrong in saying Teaching is a shitty job? No...

Personally, I think we're better off paying teachers less. They have benefits... and they're not going to starve. Who would you rather have teach your kid? Some low income teacher who teaches because it's their passion? Or some career oriented teacher who doesn't give a rat's ass about the kids.. and just wants to make a nice living? I'd rather fly passionate teachers in from the Philippines than send my kid off to learn from someone who thinks about teaching as "just their job." and I gurantee... that as soon as people start careers as teachers simply to make a good living... the passion..the inspiration for the kids... the force that encourages students to be successful.. will be lacking..if not absent.

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