September 18, 2003

I agree with bradbury. If, say, I had died - none of you would have gotten CALLED by MR. HAMMOND the principal and have him leave a messege on your answernig machine about how I will be missed. Entirely a popularity scam, as DS would contest to. Some kid died off, who was an underachiever and in her classroom and dealt with 'shady people' - and when he keeled over nobody gave half a shit.

Personally, I could care less if some rich bitch in a honda civic gets blasted by an eighteen wheeler in front of the school. Heres when I will care :


see. there is me in my tza car. even though my car isnt green. but still. its the thought that counts. if i died in a car accident all of you motherfuckers better spam the hell out of the board with every catchphrase you can come up with. Ive been think up some myself. Here is some things I'd like to see you all post, of course I wouldnt see them being as I would dead, but again - it is the thought that counts :

" I hate that motherfucker. He is dead now "

" I guess you could say that life caught up to him. or. well. A big huge truck representing life, yes. you could say that it caught up to him at fifty five miles per hour. Bad life. Ba-a-a-d."

" James is dead. begin the rejoicing."

I dont know, Ive got nothing. but asides from all that here is a little 'project' for all of you. MAKE YOUR OWN RENDITION OF THE BOARD MEMBERS! thats right, get out your PAINTSHOP PRO and your PHOTOSHOP skillz for this one. Make yourselves a 350x350 image depicting each board member individually. I will be doing this for everyone, even old members of the board who left the slugs like the slugs would give half a rats ass if they were coming or going : like andy and chrissie and steven. To finish up my post and to kick this off, here is a couple I've already done.

the asian menace, jimmoi

the crazy ex girlfriend, heather

the angsty ex buddy, andy

my homo yifftastic scooter sibling, michael

I look forward to all of your's rendition of myself ;)

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