September 11, 2003

[mysterious 8:30]

I was woken up today at nine something by my boss calling me to tell me that she'd be in today, so that it would be alright to come into work today. Originally I thought the call was someone else because the ringer tone sounded different then the one I'm used to...

... but alas no, it wasn't and no fun chocolate center surprise awaited me in the form of a caller.

However, after the call, I noticed that someone called me around eight-thirty. The number was "Restricted" however, so I don't know who it was. Oh well, no big deal... except... this person has been trying to reach me for the last couple of days. I don't know who it is, because in the past it has said "Unavailable" and now "Restricted". I don't know who you are...

but damn, if you're gonna call me, try doing it at a reasonable hour. Obviously you want to talk otherwise you wouldn't keep calling... just... damn, think ahead... or put some initiative to actually call again in the same FUCKING DAY, instead of taunting me with a phantom caller...

Bah, i'm still half-asleep and this post is making no sense.

I hate you Sylvester Stallone... you and your Judge Dredd.

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