June 21, 2003

You can't get around bess. There is no bypass, and all web traffic is routed through it. That having been said, bess will be replaced by something else this summer.

You see, we can't allow there to be any way around Bess. Our use of a filter to block images deemed inappropriate for schools is mandated by federal law. I'm not sure what the letter of the law is, but I do know it only applies to images. We are constantly reminded of this. Bess is actually a service of a company called N2H2, they provide the list of what's what, based on category.

As part of what we're doing this summer, you'll notice the internet speed in the district jump significantly. Also, every phone number in the district will be changing. Fun stuff.


Platoweb....you're at Challenger, in the building on the other side of the access road.

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