June 17, 2003

Fuck you Mr. Whipple

thats right. you dont get many posts like this from me anymore. but an accumulation of certain factors has pressed me to come to the board with my agitation. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS EVENAS(UCK)ANC(OCK)E SONG " GOING DOWN " or some bullshit, i dont know. It isnt good. I hate evenesance. I hate them with more passion than I hate watching Aaron eating mashed potatoes. Oh my god thats a lot. but yet here i am stuck on the transline all fuckin' night and the radio is playing and lo and behold they play that bloody song SEVEN TIMES. SEVEN TIMES. ONE NIGHT. ONE RADIO STATION. I actually was afraid of changing the station merely because the last time something washed over the airwaves it was on EVERY STATION AT THE SAME TIME AT ALL TIMES. oh my jesus chroist, it almost makes me want to shoot myself in the face and then rearrange my face to where it spells out something along the lines of " evenescance should commit suicide " or " please shoot me again "



so I passed out again. So i went to the hospital. So on the doctors note it specifically states (2) possible eating disorder. How the fuck am i suppose to dispute that? So I was malnutritioned. So I didnt eat for a week and a half. So Im a bit yellow. So I have a large infected lymph node which makes it difficult for me to breathe. So Im weak and tired and dizzy most of the time. But you know what? If I have to go to a nutrionist to ' get better ' so to speak - and those motherfuckers start to try and brainwash me with that god-damned " food pyramid " bullshit that they had in personal relations, im going to beat someone's teeth in - then im going to make a god-damned "teef pyramid" and see how they like that one. " WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING BREAD GROUP NOW BITCH? OH - IS IT REPRESENTED BY THE MOLARS OR THE BICUSPIDS?!?! " fuckers.


and due to my passing out and missing work i am in very close proximity to losing my cushy 15.80 an hour job. In the event this happens, I've been debating on a couple of choices. 1. join the military - because quite frankly what the fuck else am i going to do with my life? It seems im subconciously suicidal anyway with not eating - so if i dedicate my life to saving the freedom you fucks take for granted at least i wont be dead eh? and if i die - fuck, i was going to die anyway. 2. collect unemployment for awhile and then go to college and get myself some debt. but the real question is : why would i go to college - to major in what? what the fuck am i good at? shit.


i have a date coming up here in a couple of hours.
debating on whether or not to cook up some of my RECENTLY BOUGHT STEAKS OF GOODNESS or just going out to sharis and having them cook me a T-bone. Fuck you Jimmoi. Now i've got a thing for steaks. I eat em for breakfast. I eat em for dinner. With a carrot. Yum.

you heard the man.

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