June 19, 2003

for those of you who enjoy the website " somethingawful.com " there is something you dont know about. The forums. The forums are like somethingawful.com on speed+crack+meth+heroine and any other drug you can find on the street or scrape out of a dead junkie's mouth. the forums have a thing calle " FYAD " which is an acronym for " Fuck You And Die " -

the idealogy behind FYAD is absolute pain. FYAD ... is well, difficult to describe because it must be witnessed.
So I am charging to the board to bring some FYAD-lovin to this place.
I will kick it off with the following image.

Please. do not view the image if you're anywhere where you'll get in trouble.
also - if you want to 'participate' in the FYAD photoshoot - upload your images to /images/FYAD/

so. here it is :


look for more FYAD in the future.

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