June 22, 2003

I got to thinking the other day. About a certain person that briefly worked her way into our fucked-up little circle.

We all know she just wanted some dick

Anyhow, we all thought we knew what this certain person was after: The Zach-O. I have taken the liberty of visualizing with the following picture:

As you can see, Zach wasn't wanting any part in it

Then I said to myself: "Self, what if she was only using Zach-O to get to someone else in the group?" But who could it be?

No, even with the Frenchification Jeff seemed to be undergoing, would that be her intended target. He wasn't around enough.

Okay, so it probably wasn't Jeff. Who else?

She doesn't strike me as a follower of Christ.

Then it hit me. The only plausible explanation. It was right in front of our eyes, the entire time.

Eureka! She wanted to turn Jimmoi into her Asain-cowboy love slave! It all makes perfect sense!

So you see? It's good that he went in the AirFarce. Otherwise, right now he'd be a shit-kicking, pussy-whipped version of the Korean we all know and love.

Massive props to Jordan for his original picture and the idea from which this developed.

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