June 15, 2003

[masters of the universe]

Hahaha... I get to claim the new coveted title of:



And it was all possible with the help of the man:

I am the Tate!

Actually, i didn't receive any help from him... but i wanted to post this picture anyway... for two reasons.

  1. haha, remember Tate? I remember him always running after cars leaving the parking lot. Good times. Bethel's own "running man"... sorta.

  2. Nobody is safe from my postage... (not to be confused with stamps)... not even Tate!

Well, that's all for now... nothing new to report.

Oh yeah... i get my diploma in August... it's actually all rather unnerving... but... whatever.
I walk next June. You are all ordered to go. ORDERED!

That is all.

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