June 29, 2003

Involuntary Commitment

Fun times! Well, yesterday at work, I ended up walking out on my client - something I've never done before. The whole thing started on Tuesday, when the little fucker used a knife to lock the staff room door in such a way that I could not open it. He was pissed off at me because I was about to get off shift and another staff person was taking him to his mother's house. He wanted for Heather to go, so he intended to keep me locked up until it was time to go. I was calm - I calmly advised him of what it was to commit "felony unlawful imprisionmet" and "assault with a deadly weapon". He understood and I left. Sadly, I had a "put my fist through a solid object" injury.

Wednesday, we went out to get his meds from the pharmacy. He opened the car door and took off his seatbelt while I was driving, and then began shaking the car. I pulled a 360, stopped the car, and made him go to the back while we drove straight home. We went from there to baseball practice, where I was supervised because fo the previous day. For the last hour and a half of my shift, my job coordinator was with me. It was a successful shift until my client began freaking out in the car, and at practice - but was otherwise calm.

Thursday I was in meetings all day with my other staff, as I'm the house lead, then with his Therapist, mother, and made notes for his CCO. It was awesome.

Friday was - well, to be completely honest, I don't remember Friday. At all. I know I was at work, but I couldn't tell you who was there before or after me, or what my client and I did all day. That sorta frightens me.

Saturday, I can tell you very very little of what happened. He ran across a busy street and broke line of sight - which, is essential. My whole job is to make sure I can see him. He reached in my pocket to get something out (my sweater pocket, but still - he's never to be closer to me that 6 feet in home and 3 feet in the community." Wait - we shopping on Friday. We go shopping every Friday. Regardless, I don't remember what happened when we got home, but I ended up in the ER with a migraine. They gave me some medicine that made me loopy, and then asked me what happened. I stated, "Andy gave me a migraine. I'm gonna kill that fat fucker." In come the white coats.

So I get this piece of paper, and they say "Since you're having homicidal ideation, you have to sign this. It means that a psychiatrist is going to talk to you before we let you leave here tonight." . . .and if I don't? "Oh, that's simple. We involuntarily commit you." So I signed, and they took me upstairs, where I was oriented to the ward.

What?!? I'm not here to stay! "Oh, yes you are, deary! You signed a voluntary committment form! That means that you're ours until we decide you can go home!" So, I revoked my signature, no longer voluntary and citing "coersive action" by the er staff, as well as "untruthful statements for the purposes of coersion." It was awesome. So I get to go home, right?

"Oh, you don't agree. Well, TOUGH SHIT! Our psychiatrist, who you have by the way not met and cannot make such decesions without meeting you, has decided to involuntarily commit you until the staffed psychatrist sees you later this week!"

Needless to say, I threatened with my lawyer, but still had to stay overnight. Fuckers. The psychiatrist came to see me today - the on-call who should've been called last night - and released me. Fuckers. Thinking I don't know their game.

So - for anyone willing to share an opinion, here's my new delima:

Tuesday, I have to go see a psycologist. I can have them commit me again - involutarily by paperwork - and I can claim L&I while I'm there. because they can list that "her client drove her insane." I'll get paid while I'm there, but will pretty much lose my jobs afterwards and be more or less unable to work in this field again. but I really hate my job and could use the time to figure out what to do next.

Any Advice?

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