August 07, 2008

Screen Time

After our camping trip, I got to thinking about how we should do more event-like things. (yes, it also did occur to me that you all do that already...)

So two more ideas for things we should do:

Idea 1: Bad-Movie Night
Since James has his giant HDTV, I think we should select a night to screen some really bad movies. I'm talking about your Plan 9's and Gymkata's. Thoughts? I suppose it's also up to James and if he wants to allow the use of his TV. I'm thinking of sometime around the end of the month or in September...?

Idea 2: Paintball 2008
It has been a long time since we did paintball, but it would be fun. It always has been fun, even on days when it wasn't as fun as other days. It's sometiing we could schedule for maybe end of September or October... Or sooner.

Anyway, those were just some ideas I had floating around in my head. If you have any thoughts as well, post them.

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  1. I'm down for either idea - and I'll be around until the 21st.

  2. Anonymous7/8/08 18:01

    Mr.R has been wanting to paintball as well. Mike's gonna be back at the of this month so maybe something in really early September too.

  3. And WHO are you Mr. Anonymous? You are my unicorn!