August 05, 2008


News, broken by (the premiere website for everything important in the world) reveals that MORGAN FREEMAN is in CRITICAL CONDITION. ( link )

This is important to all you would-be voice actors out there, maybe you'll be able to actually get a job.

Naturally, friends and family are concerned about his condition and there are plenty of reporters sitting quietly next to his bed ready in waiting to capture/photo/record/document Morgan Freeman's last gasp of air and the words accompanying it.

Director Mimi Leder, pioneer of such great films as Deep Impact (imdb) and Pay It Forward
(imdb)(Aaron's favorite movie of all time) - is quoted saying, "Thank goodness it didn't happen sooner."

Apparently all Morgan Freeman's voice-acting for her new movie The Code (imdb) has already been recorded.

The Code is about a master thief who recruits a notorious thief to help him steal two famous Faberge eggs from an impenetrable vault in an effort to repay his debt to the Russian mob. Morgan Freeman plays the notorious thief, whom narrates throughout the story and it is only but revealed at the ending where it is shown that he survived the climatic ending.

"If he dies it should cause a "Ledger-Effect" and hype my movie up for the big money." Mimi was ecstatic at the thought

While The Code is still in post-production, Mimi was not too concerned about not being able to re-record sound-bytes and had this to say, "Since we haven't wrapped up we can even record Denzel Washington's voice and digitally alter it to sound like Mr. Freeman's."

As the interview came to a close Mimi had her fingers crossed, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. We'll be rolling in the dough if this goes well. Hello Downies, good bye television!"

Of course she was referring both to Robert Downey Jr's revitalized career popularized by IRON MAN, and her own lack of a major blockbuster - hiding in the folds of directing television episodes for no-name shows like "Johnny Zero", "Related" and "The West Wing".

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  1. I think someone has a grudge, or maybe a passive aggressive crush on Morgan Freeman :). Or to paraphrase a James, ":-/"