August 05, 2008


22 Minutes 11 Seconds in...

Did you guys watch this in a theater?  Please... please... please tell me you watched this in a theater.  I'm watching it on an iPhone's screen and it's... words can't quite... I...

I can only imagine what it would have been like to watch it in a) a large, theater screen, and b) amongst people who were there watching it as well.

And if you did watch it in a theater, did you actually hear anyone excited or cheering?

I think I'll try to rent Gymkata today from Scarecrow... maybe watch it on the plane... and then bring it over for a massive screening on James' HDTV.

I'm also going to HAVE to listen to the Director's Commentary on this movie because... because I just need to know what they thought of it.


  1. Not just in a theater: we saw it on opening night.

    A great deal of the enjoyment was hearing the dipshits that were there because they thought it looked good figuring out what was about to happen.

  2. We didn't just watch that in a theatre, we dismantled it. It was probably one of the most enjoyable movie watching experiences I've had just because it was like MST3000 except there were about 10 of us all ripping into that movie.