August 05, 2008

Request Approved

Jimmy requested that I post up the old "Bethel Slayer" (Target Edition) movie that I made (and re-edited) a few years back... I think he wanted to show it to someone.

Man... eight years ago... what the fuck was I thinking.  Still, I'm glad I did'nt go with The Parr's decision to make a stupid music video or whatever the fuck he wanted us to make.  I remember he had some lame ideas.  So, yeah.  Suck on that Parr.

Oh, right... the linkage:  BETHEL SLAYER, starring the ever-elusive, jOe Macauley.

FYI... apparently I accidently sent a post out with nothing on it a few minutes ago.  Sorry about that.  Must have hit "Publish Post" by mistake.

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