August 04, 2008

A Glimpse into Creative Decisions

Talking of movies got me to thinking of the creation of a Loose Slugs - James-2-James comic...

Now, most of you who've seen them, have probably noticed that they are not drawn, but rather, use a combination of photography and Photoshop work (notably, Photoshop filters).  Early on, I thought about drawing all of the characters and such, but realized that it would simply take too long to get through one issue.  And my skills with drawing are not as good as my skills with photography.

One day I do plan on trying my hand at drawing some of the comic, or employing (not for money) others to do some of the artwork.  Because, as you can see from the examples below, I might not be the best for the job:

Here is James, as he normally appears:
Now here's how he appears in a typical James-2-James comic:

(note:  it is a little harder to tell the difference from this size, sadly, but there is a difference)
And finally, if I tried to draw all of the comic with my current skill level, here would be the Animated James:

It definitely would be fun to draw the comic, and like I said, down the road, I think I might.  But damn if things don't look fuckin' scary with my skills right now.
Oh well, skills grow, creativity flourishes... SMURSH SMURSHES!

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  1. I like how my eyebrows go from bushy to well-groomed when you draw them ;b