August 27, 2008

Project: Time Capsule

I just came up with this idea while I was running...

Well, not running, actually at the end of running, when all of the oxygen starts rushing back to your brain and you get that momentary feeling of euphoria and clarity.  Yeah, that moment.

Anyway, in this moment, I was thinking on how our generation and from this point forward, much of what we archive and remember will be stored digitally.  Cyberspace... that kind of thing.  (I think cyberspace should be put up there with the words "moist" as oddly noxious to say and use.)

We don't really have those physical mementos that our previous ancestors have... no cave drawings, rock carvings, antiques... none of that.  We have stuff like the board.

But things that are stored digitally in this fashion can't really be antiques because they have a dynamic quality to it.  I could go back to a previous entry at any time and read it at any moment and comment on it or edit it or so forth and so on.  Ad infinitum.

So we can't really enjoy or appreciate the past because we have constant access to it.

Which got me to thinking about time capsules.  We should have one.  Seriously.  The lot of us, the ones that care anyway, should take a few things, put them in some sort of protected box or other such storage device, lock it up, and bury it for ten or more years.  Lock it away somewhere were none of us can access it.  Something truly archived.

Just on the surface I could think of a myriad of things to put in there: a jar with a small mint-bush twig, a pikachu, an old hat, an alf doll, a cane, an albert camus book, an old comic we made, bones from a dead goat... etc, etc, etc.

Of course, those are just random ideas, and it could also be a disc burnt with some stuff, the idea being that because it's locked away, it's still tamper-proof.

Anyway, it's just an idea... something we could all contribute to in some small way.  I have more thoughts on it, but I'm curious to see the reaction to the idea first.

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