August 04, 2008

Quick Bites

Initially this was going to be a comment, but I started typing a bunch so... here we go:

Two quick questions then...

1) What movie ideas did you have in mind (make a post with one or two of them to give the others a sense of what you're going for).  This might help "spur" the creative juices of others here...


2) How "serious" does it have to be?  I do think we should have a script (especially if it is required for gear).  I'm wondering if we should start "small", with something simple like a documentary or "horror" film  or "commercial".  I know that probably sounds ridiculous... but most of everyone here how would be interested in such things has had little to no experience with actually "making" a movie.

That isn't to knock anyone... Jimmy, James, etc... all have creative ideas, and have performed in some capacity or another, but as far as I can remember, only Aaron (and myself to a MUCH lesser degree) has been involved or had some exposure to other aspects of movie making (i.e. sound, editing, cropping, blah blah blah).  So going from no-experience to making a full blown movie might be a bit overwhelming (especially factoring in work schedules).

We could, however, do a short film or commercial, get everyone familiar with the process and flow, then jump into something more daunting.

Just thoughts I had, mind you... but something to consider.

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