August 03, 2008

Another Season of Movie-Makin' Talk

Jimmy and I hung out yesterday, after I was tapped to retrieve Bonnie's car.  (It's a stick shift, and Jimmy can't drive stick.)

Anyway, we came up with the idea of driving down to Tacoma/Puyallup to visit jOe and get some pictures for the comic, as well as to catch up with someone we haven't seen in a long time.

Of course, then jOe had to not be around at all.  Thanks jOe!  We had to visit two Walmarts just to figure that out.  And I had "jOe Macauley"paged at the second Walmart.  That was kinda funny.

Anyway, while we were driving around lookin' for jOe's and lookin' for Gamecubes, we started talking about makin' a movie.

It's something that usually gets talked about every year or couple of years or so... so we are in that mood again, to make a movie.  We had one on the boiler plate, which Jimmy and I were talking about now... but does any one else have any idea or motivation for making a movie, crappy or otherwise?

The other reason, aside from randomly talking about movie-making with Jimmy, is that I realized something else.  Those of you who live in or around Seattle, might know of Scarecrow Video, a great little video store that holds almost every movie out there (including Gymkata... who knew)... well, one of the things they do is accept movies from anybody and put them on a shelf.  I know because I've seen that shelf before... movies in DVD-R format... amateurly made...

In other words, we could make a movie, put it in Scarecrow, and people might watch it... the type of people that have nothing better to do then rent crappy or amateur movies for the hell of it.  Meanwhile, we could also put our movies into contests, like SIFF or whatnot.  That would guarantee that someone would have to watch it... since SOMEONE has to screen all those movies.

Think of it, a guaranteed audience.

Oh yeah.

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  1. I'd be down to make a movie. I even have a couple ideas. I have access to gear too. However, if we do it, I want to do it right, with a script, defined roles, etc.

    I cannot get the gear if we don't have things like scripts, a production schedule and a shot list. Teachers here won't sign off on the checkout of gear if I don't have these things.