August 04, 2008

I know my way around video editing.

Jimmoi use to do light-work for the stage in school.

I'm good with writing. And good with camera shots.

I'm down for anything but as of late I have to take care of some things.
(debt, car, learning work, lease, directv, possibility of school)

Once those are settled down, I have a pretty open schedule.
At the current moment I have no movie suggestions.

But I'll go through my old box of writings.
See if there is anything salvageable.


  1. Good to see that I was mistaken about at least two people's movie-making knowledge... that'll certainly help. SMURSH!?

  2. I think the coolest idea that would be manageable for us, would be to do something serial that we could put up as a video podcast.

    A short film would be cool too, but a documentary is A LOT of editing work. You have to film a lot of b-roll to make a good documentary, plus you have to get a lot of people's permission to shoot whatever you are documenting.

    Regardless of what we shoot, I'm down to be in on the scriptwriting, and I'd like to be the director, since I think at this point I have the most familiarity with how shoots are organized.

    Organization is the key to filmmaking. We need to have some sort of pre-production meeting to find everyone's abilities and involvement, and define everyone's roles.

  3. I definitely like the flexibility and options of a video podcast (RSS feeds and hosting, and iTunes visibility all nice).

    A quick aside: as far as the documentary, I was definitely thinking of a more fake-documentary then a real one. I agree, a real documentary would definitely be more difficult.