June 19, 2008


Yeaaah, Zach's back. Sorta. Welcome our newest, oldest, correspondent from the great state of... Ohio. Okay, so it's Ohio and Ohio hasn't given us much yet. Well... it gave us Bush in '04.

Thanks Ohio.

Honestly, I'm sorely tempted to question everyone who voted Bush in '04. In '00 I could understand. He even had a record of working in bipartisan coalitions. But in '04?? By then we had oodles, yes I said oodles, of evidence that he wasn't the best idea. And still...

So... to try and not make it a judgment call, I'm honestly curious, if you voted Bush in '04... WHY?

And now, back to Zach-0. Welcome back Zach-0... it's good to see/hear/read you again.

One other thing, I've posted my Wii-information and James' information to the right. If you have a Wii (any of you) and you want to share such info, post it on the board or send it to me. I will put it up on the side to.

Yay. And I'm spent.

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