June 27, 2008

WANTED: I want you to want to stop bothering me about the movie WANTED.

Ok. So that settles it. There must be a movie release this weekend (WANTED) because i cannot go anywhere (WANTED) without seeing a god-damn'd ad for WANTED.


And what the fuck happened to Morgan Freeman? Do movie-makers now think to themselves, "you know what this movie would really benefit from? A voice over. Who can we hire to do voice over? Is Morgan Freeman available, he was awesome in that penguin movie!"

Of course that dialogue would all be in russian. So it would be something like ...

вы знаете что это кино о действительно извлекать пользу? Голос сверх. Кто может мы нанимает для того чтобы сделать голос сверх? Morgan имеющийся Freeman, он был внушителен в том кино пингвина!

Honestly does anyone remember when cinemas started HATING the internet because word-of-mouth would kill movies before they even had a chance to make money? Now its like they have to post it on every possible place you could ever look on the internet so instead of hearing from someone that the movie sucked balls you're confused by trailers which only show the good parts.

Or, if you recall from THE TRAINSPORTER - they even REMOVE the good parts from the trailers from the movie (hello where is my rocket being deflected by a trashcan lid?) right >>>> HERE <<<<

All in all i will probably have to see this movie (maybe not in theaters) just for the lead male character - who was in the movie Atonement.

Now Atonement, while I wasn't fond of - I would strongly suggest anyone to see it. It's a drama but I would classify it as a predictable comedy. Really slow movie - but it has some good, funny scenes and the ending is the funniest of them all. I'm going to see if Blog-Spot has implemented a spoiler-feature. If it has, awesome. If it hasn't well then fuck you - like you were going to watch the movie anyway:

[spoiler]Atonement because the two main characters die and she was responsible for getting them separated because she's a liar and so she writes a story where they get to yell at her and profess how much they love each other on a beach.[/spoiler]

Anywho. I like it, but really too long. But they were using some stupid thing that old movies and sometimes girl-films do: Character development. Bleh, who needs character development when you have

!!! eXpLoSiOnS !!!

Yeah I just did a marquee in a post.
Talk about a "LOOK WHO IS BACK" post, damn.
I'll come up with something more coherent to say later.

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