June 16, 2008

Four-W: Jeff

Following Bradbury's suggestion, since it seemed like a simple and useful one... a little update about the last few years...

Where to start...

So, left college, getting the all-important Bachelor's Degree (of Science, in Psychology). Was it worth it? Yes. Did I learn a lot? Yes. Did I learn a lot in the field I was studying? Meh.

I did come away with the probably rather obvious conclusion that college is not for everyone, but it was most definitely for me. I also wish I could have stayed a few extra years, most likely because I have found that I thrive in education-filled environments. I'm planning on graduate school (the college that comes after college), which sounds even more like for me. (Think of an environment where knowledge not only comes from what has been learned in the past, but what is discussed in committee or think tanks or in concert with each other. James once mentioned a kind of learning like this...)

Since college, I have entered the workforce, now finding myself working at the Veterans Hospital in Seattle. It has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, there is nothing spectacular to it, and when I leave, it won't be a sad occurrence (though not because it was a terrible place).

And that, is that, for the some of you who do not know what has been going on.


Now onto the more current matters of the day. I invested about a hundred dollars in the ability to do a wide-variety of "web" things, i.e. podcasting, graphics, photography, and the such. That might sound stupid or foolish, but I have found that until you put up the money, you are reluctant to carry out creative, hobbyist, endeavors.

So, now I definitely need to push on this podcast idea. Bradbury, James, Jimmy, Mike, Aaron, jOe, or anyone else who remotely reads any of this... ideas on a podcast? I know I've been mentioning this much lately (possibly ad nausea), but I'm intrigued by the possibilities of what amounts to "new-age HAM radio broadcasting".

Ideas for a theme include movie reviews, music reviews, reviews about reviews, "How much I hate Michael Bay and here's why:", or some other miscellaneous topic. The best part is, we don't all need to necessarily be in the same place to do it. (Also kind of a sad reality, since we lose out on face-to-face time, but whatever...). So, seriously, get back to me on this.




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