June 19, 2008

Meet Funzo!

See that thing on the right! Yup, that's right fools. That is Funzo, our new mascot/logo, and I made him.

It's a great feat, considering I'm not good with bezier curves and that's what Adobe Illustrator uses. It's hell to figure out.

(To be completely truthful, Funzo was made from a trace program that turned him into a vector, then from there he was adjusted and given a slime trail... but oh what a wondrous slime trail it is. And I made that slime trail all by myself. FUNZO!)

One wonders a little if I'm losing my mind on this.

Oh, and James? I now have server space... I'm learning the ins and outs of things, but I think I know how to host Loose Slugs on it. Awesomo.


  1. FUNZO the banana slug keep it away from salt

  2. You will respect Funzo, jOe. You will.

    Funzo owns your soul.