June 27, 2008


You know, I actually heard that WANTED was actually good... that yes, it was over-the-top, but done so purposely and just right that it was "awesome".

But I don't know that for certain because I haven't seen it, so I'll have to withhold judgment. And apparently, unlike Collins the Elder, I haven't seen ads for it anywhere. In fact, I first heard of this movie yesterday when I watched a Daily Show episode.

But I agree with the Morgan Freeman comment. Didn't he also do the voice-over for War of the Worlds?

Jimmy and I once had a discussion about how Morgan Freeman wasn't all that great because unlike other supposed great actors, he'd never done a bad-guy role. He had done roles that came sorta close, but nothing ever truly villainous.

Then I saw him actually play one:
Click the picture for more info.

This movie even had John Cusack (a personal favorite) and it still sucked monkey balls. Horrible, swollen monkey balls. It sucked so bad I stopped watching it, which makes it worse than Undefeatable.
Click the picture for more info.

I can't talk to much shit about him though... he plays Lucius Fox, and it's just good to see any version of Batman actually mention Lucius Fox. It reminds me of the good ol' Batman: The Animated Series.

James, if you go see WANTED. Let me know. I may see it as well, and if so, we can compare notes. Or if there's time, I may go see it with you and anyone else who wants to view it.

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