June 17, 2008


I'm going to keep hammering this home because it's the only way to get anything done...

I've been talking with Aaron about this podcasting idea I've been brewing on, and apparently he has access to an audio/video studio. A STUDIO! That's useful.

So the idea I'm working on is a semi-long series of audio and video podcasts (audio because some people prefer to listen to a radio-like show as they are driving, walking, jogging, and so forth; video because video is interesting and sometimes you just can't convey a message quite right without the picture - and I'm sure James would get a kick of video).

The subject matters I'm playing with are rather obvious, things that spawn conversation. It doesn't have to always be about one particular topic, but a semi-directed topic of choice per podcast would be a better idea overall.

So... I think I really just need to know, for the moment, who'd be interested?

I know, I know, it probably sounds lame or (insert random excuse), but it could be fun. Bradbury, you are in town for a few weeks, or relatively close-to-town, it'd give you a chance to voice some opinions, and from the past, we know you like that.

Hell, we all do.

Jimmy, get your fuckin' computer working and start being online again damnit!

Joe... sorry... jOe, you're in Graham and probably unable to drive on up here... but you have a webcam as we've all been fortunate enough to see... I'm looking into ways of recording video conferencing through my MacBook Pro, so you could conceivably give join us, and give us an update on graham and redneck culture.

Just kiddin' jOe. Don't eat me.

Just kiddin' about that too jOe. (Besides, I'm workin' to make you a star. You can be the next TroubledGirl15, or whatever the hell YouTube girl that was.)

James, you long-haired hippy fucker... well, really I just wanted to use the phrase "long-haired hippy fucker" even though it does not apply in any real-world, conceivable way. But James, you occasionally bitch to me about these sorts of things (creative outlets, expression, blah-blah-blah), so here you go. Run with it. Or hobble with it. (I'm not sure of your health situation currently.)

And finally, if we do that camping idea that I've also been formulating, we could video-podcast that as well. I've got a full series-of-tubes worth of space, so I can host it.

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