June 16, 2008

Posts from the Streets

About ten minutes ago, I felt bored out of my mind and I was going to
post something about this fucking huge, giant-ass fly that I thought I
had killed earlier in the day and yet had somehow come back to life
and started crawling around my floor.

But then this guy got on my bus and I found him a little more
entertaining. He stumbled on the bus, seemingly dazed and confused,
(probably drunk) and after slurringly asking the bus driver to be
allowed on the bus (I couldn't quite catch his excuse), he proceeded
to ask someone for a quarter.

He just said, "Man..... ...... I'm tired", as the smell of cheap
alcohol wafted out of his maw and toward my airspace.

It looks like I'm listening to music right now, otherwise he probably
would have asked me for a quarter as well.

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