June 12, 2008


Chrissie has left a new comment on your post "Indescriminate Caring":

This makes me want to look all of y'all up on facebook.

One hopes, one hopes strongly, that this is either 1) sarcasm or 2) satire.

I don't think it's sarcasm... cause... I'm not that lucky. And I don't think it qualifies as satire.

'Could have been worse. It could have been MySpace.


Otherly... Aaron, if you are reading this: are you still putting on shows? If so, when, where? And, in considering this podcast idea I mentioned to you before... would it suck if I asked you if you could provide some sort of intro-music to such a thing? Again, all very preliminary, but something I want to seriously look into.

To others: Podcast? Thoughts? We bitch all the time, why not force that on others in an audible-context?

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